Non-cybersecurity challenges for CTF contests

Non-cybersecurity challenges for CTF contests

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also known as Today’s Episode of ”How to Turn a CTF into an Online Puzzle Game’’.

A garage of CTF-ish challenges that are mostly not cybersecurity related.

Some of the challenges are included in Kevin’s CTF contests such as Project SEKAI CTF 2022 and View Source CTF 2022, while more of them are rather rejected and not included anywhere. For the challenges included in contests, the pen name I used is pamLELcu. This is a play of pronunciation of the Na’vi word pamrelsiyu [pam.ˈɾɛ] which means “writer, author”.

The repository also includes some work I did for challenges authored by others, either web styling or solve script.

While most of the challenges are computing/programming related, few of them are closely related to cybersecurity, hence the subtitle above.

Topics involved in these challenges ranges across stenography, OSINT, ANSI sequences, voice/audio recognition, assembly language, scripts (of natural languages), OpenType, PDF, DataMatrix, Sliding Universal Score files, Vocaloid, JavaScript, and various types of encodings. All original challenges in the repository comes with a short description of the solution and trivia behind the scene.

Similar content might be also found elsewhere and edited by others. These content might be modified to fit the requirements of the respective locations, and doesn’t represent my intention in the challenges.