Non-cybersecurity challenges for CTF contests

also known as Today’s Episode of ”How to Turn a CTF into an Online Puzzle Game’’. A garage of CTF-ish challenges that are mostly not cybersecurity related. Some of the challenges are included in Kevin’s CTF contests such as Project SEKAI CTF 2022 and View Source CTF 2022, while more of them are rather rejected … Continued

Tsim Sans & UI

Tsim Sans | 源幅黑体 | 源幅黑體 | 源幅ゴシック tsim n. source Tsim Sans is a simple modification on Source Han Sans that bakes the “Alternative Proportional Width” OpenType feature (palt) of the typeface into the default metrics. This project is designed for use cases where OpenType features is not an option due to technical limitations, yet still would … Continued