A customized web server to generate Open Graph thumbnails of 1A23 Studio, 1A23 Blog, and Project SEKAI CTF team for social sharing. Generation 1 was based on maximilianschmitt/og, a headless Chromium solution that takes a screenshot of a rendered webpage. The Chromium instance was running on my VPS. Generation 2 is based on @vercel/og, which … Continued

Luna for CTFd

Luna is a theme trying to recreate the atmosphere of the game Project SEKAI: Colorful Stage feat. Hatsune Miku on the open source capture-the-flag hosting platform CTFd. The theme was first used in the Project SEKAI CTF contest 2022. Features Modifications made to CTFd Screenshots Easter eggs

Non-cybersecurity challenges for CTF contests

also known as Today’s Episode of ”How to Turn a CTF into an Online Puzzle Game’’. A garage of CTF-ish challenges that are mostly not cybersecurity related. Some of the challenges are included in Kevin’s CTF contests such as Project SEKAI CTF 2022 and View Source CTF 2022, while more of them are rather rejected … Continued

Wordle Toolbox

A set of tools to help solving puzzles from Wordle – a word guessing game. Wordle Toolbox is based on Tonguess Toolbox, a previous work of the same genre.

SmartQuote on Wikipedia

SmartQuote.js is a script on English Wikipedia that converts the straight dumb quotation marks and apostrophes into typographically correct curly ones, against what is currently outlined at WP:Smart quotes. You can install this script on Wikipedia with your own account. The script will be enabled wherever your account is logged in This script makes use of the open source … Continued

Eanois CMS

Eanois CMS is a complete content management system built up with PHP framework Laravel, and SQLite database. It supports multimedia management system, Post and Page individual management, front-end and admin panel theming, frond-end full API access, Sitemap generation, and multi-user collaboration. The front-end default theme is built up with AngularJS.

Project Lyricova

Project Lyricova is a free and open source blogging tool focused on lyrics based on PHP and MySQL. Whats special about this is that you can share your thoughts and feelings through lyrics, and share them with people all over the world by simply typing into the blog. Lyricova provides a brand new experience of … Continued