1A23 Studio, is a place founded by Eana Hufwe on 2 October 2008(per WHOIS record). This is a place where I put (mostly) my works, thoughts and ideas to share.

I put the name of this site as a Studio in hope of welcoming new members, which sadly turned out rarely to be in that case in the past decade or so. Nevertheless, if you feel like joining me for something interesting, shoot me an email or leave a comment on GitHub. I’d be glad to have a talk.

Hope you find this site interesting. Cheers!

Eana Hufwe, March 2020.

Eana Hufwe
Current sole active member of 1A23 Studio.

A software engineer. Maintainer of Project Lyricova and a bunch of other open source projects. Comfortable working in a number of programming and human languages.

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Freddie Wang
Inactive member

Inactive… Member(?)

Inactive… Member(?)

If any of you happen to see this page, shoot me an email and I will add your social links under your name.