Tìngäzìk: (Probably Not) the World’s Kindest Online Puzzle Game is a simple and rough web-based puzzle game. The game currently consists of 33 stages of different challenges. The key to each puzzle is presented as a question statement with hints besides them. Answers are entered in the URL, so that such game can be easily … Continued

Tsim Sans & UI

Tsim Sans | 源幅黑体 | 源幅黑體 | 源幅ゴシック tsim n. source Tsim Sans is a simple modification on Source Han Sans that bakes the “Alternative Proportional Width” OpenType feature (palt) of the typeface into the default metrics. This project is designed for use cases where OpenType features is not an option due to technical limitations, yet still would … Continued

Search Unicode

An Alfred 4 Workflow to lookup and reverse lookup Unicode characters and emoji with their names.

EH Forwarder Bot

Codename EH Forwarder Bot is an extensible message tunneling chat bot framework which delivers messages to and from multiple platforms and remotely control your accounts. Modules maintained by Eana Telegram Master Channel WeChat Slave Channel Facebook Messenger Slave Channel Modules maintained by other contributors

1A23 Service Bot

1A23 Service Bot is a Telegram Bot as a school informational portal. It’s linked with the school system of Anderson Junior College, Singapore: LMS and AJINC.