Tsim Sans | 源幅黑体 | 源幅黑體 | 源幅ゴシック

tsim n. source

Tsim Sans is a simple modification on Source Han Sans that bakes the “Alternative Proportional Width” OpenType feature (palt) of the typeface into the default metrics. This project is designed for use cases where OpenType features is not an option due to technical limitations, yet still would prefer a proportional punctuations and Kana design.

Tsim Sans UI, based on Tsim Sans, added compressed Kana glyphs from Wêlai Glow Sans. The UI variant of this typeface is designed for Japanese language use cases where the UI wasn’t designed well for localization, and compromises from the string / typeface side is needed.

* Tsim Sans UI is not metric-compatible with Yu Gothic UI or Meiryo UI.