Tìngäzìk: (Probably Not) the World’s Kindest Online Puzzle Game is a simple and rough web-based puzzle game. The game currently consists of 33 stages of different challenges. The key to each puzzle is presented as a question statement with hints besides them. Answers are entered in the URL, so that such game can be easily hosted on a static web hosting. The starting instruction is available in English, Japanese and Simplified Chinese. However, hints including keywords and instructions are given only in English in the game.

Besides the puzzle content, there is a page builder and other puzzle builders written in Python.

The game is available in different difficulties with nohint be the most difficult, and answer be the easiest by design. After the game came to the answer difficulty, source code of the puzzle game was released alongside the blog series of Tìngäzìk: a Retrospective.

This game was inspired by Project NANO after I solved it with a collective effort from my fellow teammates.

Tìngäzìk means “problem, difficulty” in the Na’vi language. This is a part of my naming scheme starting from 2020 to pick names from the Na’vi vocabulary, following Plltxe and Tsim Sans.

Tìngäzìk is first solved by a team of 6, whose members are COL, Fivero, Golden, Kizurin, Musicraft, and 血纹21, and have shared their writeup of the game (2).