NaviBee is a location-based Android app designed for elderly people as a class assignment. This app is co-authored with Zijun “Zed” (Caviar) Chen and 3 other teammates.

The app is specifically designed for helping elderly people reach their destinations through sufficient location-based functionalities with concise UI. One-to-one and one-to-many communications using rich media(text, image, voice call, location and real-time location) are also available for elderly people as extra help. The function of Events and SOS are provided to users for social activities and emergency situation.


The logo is designed by combining bee with a navigation arrow head mark. We used Material Amber as our brand color and Roboto (Android default fontfamily) as our main typeface.

Branding design

App-wise, we incorporated many modern technologies back then, including Material Design Components (MDC), Kotlin, and Android JetPack (AndroidX). All layouts implemented are accessibility and RTL friendly.