Song by DaniwellP and rockleetist.

Music: DaniwellP
English lyrics & vocal: rockleetist
LRC: Eana Hufwe

[00:03.81]Music: DaniwellP
[00:07.23]English by Rockleetist
[00:10.55]LRC: Eana Hufwe
[00:14.07]The world is spinning- always spinning and it's moving
[00:16.46]to the memory that follows me to the time before I see the rising sun
[00:20.71]It feels so wrong- it feels so wrong to keep me waiting
[00:23.30]for the O (circle) - X - and triangle that keep the beat of life marching along
[00:27.54]And so the words we say-
[00:28.48]they don't mean that much so tell me quick
[00:30.25]And all of the words replay like a spell
[00:31.91]cast for a magic trick
[00:33.58]Search high and to the ground and if we don't know -
[00:36.18]we'll ask around to find why the world keeps spinning around
[00:40.13]Are we sleeping? Believing? Or can we really say that everything
[00:43.98]and anything were lost to yesterday
[00:46.78]While it's gone from us- gone from us- it's faded to gray
[00:50.00]Every thought keeps us moving in forever changing ways
[01:02.35]Sometimes we lose- we lose our way down memory lane
[01:04.95]to where the sky turns a darker hue
[01:06.72]and everything turns gray from shades of blue
[01:09.02]And even if it starts to rain, I can't complain
[01:11.41]because the cats- stalls- and parasols
[01:13.59]don't leave me with a sense of warmth at all
[01:15.68]And when we reach the end, puzzle pieces
[01:17.66]that we're looking for may be there at the door
[01:20.27]in this clockwork kind of wonderland
[01:21.92]Together- all together let's put pieces into place
[01:25.13]Connect the fragments one by one- my head keeps turning
[01:28.56]Winding and winding- my thoughts are all the same
[01:31.58]because everything and anything is drowned in falling rain
[01:35.11]Water rising- surprising- how I could float away
[01:38.24]Every thought keeps us moving in forever changing ways
[01:43.76](music interlude)
[02:17.25]I spin around- merry go round -
[02:18.81]it's like a feeling that I get when I speak to you;
[02:21.83]can you tell my heart is beating like a drum?
[02:24.00][doki-doki] It's hard to breathe so tell me is this love, maybe?
[02:27.11]I can patiently try to find the words to tell you when I'm done
[02:30.76]Here before my eyes, the alternative I realize
[02:33.45]was here the entire time in the quiet of the night I find
[02:36.99]that far far away in dreams nothing is quite what it seems
[02:40.22]and words and lies that we hear- they just keep moving
[02:43.76]So I'm spinning- I'm spinning my wheels don't meet the road
[02:46.66]Everything and anything it leaves me with no place to go
[02:50.08]Am I falling or fading or vanishing away?
[02:53.40]Every thought keeps us moving in forever changing ways