Logo (and Website) design for Project SEKAI CTF, both the team and the contest.

The logo mark features a flag, with a music note on the team logo, and a crown on the contest logo. The color scheme and the music note are reminiscences of the previous logo, which is a close trace of the logo of the game Project SEKAI: Colorful Stage feat. Hatsune Miku, which is the origin of the team name. The flag in team logo uses a cyan gradient which is the main color scheme of the game, and that of the contest logo uses a yellow gradient to represent the crown.

Logo design showcase

Each logo also features a tiny variant, to be used in smaller locations such as favicons. The tiny variant has a larger icon (music note/crown) for a better visibility, the logotype is also omitted.

Favicon showcase

To avoid an awkward blank when applying the logo to a plain white background, the in-game colorful fragments background is used to fill the blank. For square profile pictures, a different crop location is used for each logo (blue gradient for the team, and yellow gradient for the contest), and for banners, the entire picture (center-fit) is used.

Square logo usage sample in profile pictures

Below are some of the sketches made during the design process.

Initial sketches on iPad (Tool used: Concept)
Transferred sketches of the logo on to a graph paper, and experimented with some letter proportions.
First iteration of vectorized designs, exploring different variations of the crown. The original design features Project SEKAI CTF as the contest name, and was later changed to SEKAI CTF upon request of the contest organizer.
Iteration 2, explorations of color combinations.

Iteration 3, further exploration of color combinations.

Besides the logo, I also “designed” the website of the CTF team, which is basically a heavily modified version of the Tailwind Next.js Starter Blog.

The original logo of the team was a trace over the logo of the game Project SEKAI: Colorful Stage feat. Hatsune Miku, with the wording modified for the team.

The original logo.

Below is a comparison of the two logos.

The original logo of the game Project SEKAI: Colorful Stage feat. Hatsune Miku.
The parody logo for the Project SEKAI CTF team.